Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Jas and Valentine

My husband Amats and I, spent our valentine's day at home. We were just spending time together and we cooked dinner. We heard mass at 6PM at Claret, saw our couple friends Joks and Lou. Joks by the way is on the family way.

At home, we were just laughing around, then Amats said look at the online news: "MMDA advise couples to stay at home". LOL! how can they control the public when all the hotels and resto are fully booked?! Anyway since we do not have money, we stayed at home,but we were happy. We had great dinner and had a laid back evening away from the on going fair nearby, traffic jams and people fighting over tables.

Then just after dinner, I just sensed I need to send a message to some friends. If you know how I communicate, you would say it is out of the ordinary that I sent a text, since usually it takes about 24 hours before I reply or come to think of it even initiate text talk.

But that night the 14th, I texted my friend, Jas "San ka? Ingat" (Where are you, take care) and since there was no immediate response, I didn't give it much thought, until last night when I got to talk to her.

She said she was wondering why I texted out of no where. When she received it at about 7:30 PM Feb14, she thought Huh? Why? Then it happened. After a while, there were people calling her companion, the parents saying said "Go home, there are Bombings!

Since I do not own a TV, I did not know that there was a bombing incident that time,until the next morning and that Jas was there in Makati. Good thing she is safe--she even took a picture of the Ayala MRT station.

And now why did I sent that message? It was a sense that I did not give much thought. Until now, I guess as we continue to calm ourselves and just listen more intently to our higher senses, we should not disregard these, as they may indeed be true.

(Sigh) I think God still continues to protect us from these threats.

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