Thursday, February 10, 2005

Dragon Dance

Yesterday was Chinese New Year and for a few years some of my friends go to Ongpin (China Town in Manila) to see the colorfull Dragon Dance. Well because its a bit far and not feeling well, I decided not to go to Ongpin.

I really want to just see the dragon dance, just too see them up and down and swaying. I love the drums very Asian. Did I already mention that I love being Asian?!

Well yesterday, while I was walking in the mall at around 5PM, there they are with thundering drums and swaying dragons. Yey! and while I was waiting for my husband at a coffee shop in SM Makati, just in front of me they danced again to get that red envelop inside the cafe.

God is so good even my small insignificant wish of mine to see the dragon dance was granted.

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