Friday, February 25, 2005


I have always wanted to watch the play: Joseph the Dreamer. In UPLB, there were several runs of the play and Gary V. himself played the role of Joseph. Although I was able to watch the animated version of this story, I still prefer the theater. Well hopefully next time soon I will get a chance.

Today, the reading is about Joseph and his brothers. Joseph forgave his brothers despite everything they did to him. The simplicity of this man and the way he followed God remains an inspiration. He was also mindful of the messages being sent to him through his dreams which eventually helped the people survive the famine.

Last night, I was able to view 3 of the 8 of Akira Kurasawa's Dreams. The simplicity of the stories is the central beauty of the film. The 3 stories I viewed are deeply rooted to respect our environment.

It is amazing that today, I am reflecting on two very different characters and the dreams they had and what is common about the two is that the central theme of their dreams revolves around what is happening around us and being mindful of our environment.

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