Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dream Journal

I just learned that Charice will be fulfilling one of her dreams in her dream journal. She will be having a duet with Celine Dion this weekend. I saw some clips of her Oprah guesting. I was indeed moved.

Amats and I were talking and I shared: "Yes, how can dreams come true? You have to have a dream first". I added that it is really good to have a dream journal when people see it they might just help you fulfill it.

Naiisip ko din si Bugoy (my favorite in the now ending season 2 of Pinoy Dream Academy) sabi ni Bugoy, hindi nya akalain matupad ang mga pangarap nya at dagdag pa nya mangangarap na rin lang lubuslubusin mo na libre naman. (When you dream, dream big, anyway, its free.)

kakatuwa lang!

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