Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sa Pilipinas muna: Eraserheads Reunion Concert

It was indeed a most anticipated event: The Eraserheads Reunion Concert. Thank you Earnest and Buddy for the VIP pass to the Eheads Reunion Concert last night. It was really worth it to see you guys back together on stage even for a while. We hope that everything will be OK. More info about the concert at GMAnews.TV. My comment to this article is that he did not mention that the audience were shouting "group hug" and chanting "group hug, group hug, group hug!!!"

While they were singing at some point I told Amats, parang hinuhukay sa baul ang mga lyrics bamabalik na lang ng kusa sa labi ko at nagugulat din ako na naaalala ko pa ang mga ito habang nag flash ang mga alaala mga 10 years ago! Mula sa gasgas ko na tape noon na ultraelectromagnetic! Wagi!!! Sobra!!!

Sobra din ang respeto ng mga fans sa Eraserheads. Kakaiba ang nangyari sa pagtatapos
basahin nyo po ang sulat ni Ted.


On our way to The Fort, we first dropped baby at my sister's house then we took the MRT up to Ayala Station. I was sending sms to Dindin while at the train and said they are already there in front of the stage.

Going down at Mckinley St. there were very very long lines of people waiting in line for the bus and the jeep. There were groups of people flagging down taxis which are all full. There was a heavy downpour earlier that afternoon too. Good thing the rain stopped. It was also a Saturday on a pay-day weekend. Time check it was 15 minutes before show time and we were still in EDSA-McKinley the entrace to Forbes Park. Then, we saw this line of motorcyles for hire and groups of boys already taking the ride. The one of motorcyle drivers said "ma'am sakay na kayo?" Without batting an eyelash we took on the offer. Its P30 pesos each person. One person per motorcyle. They also have the required extra helmet of the passenger. Then I realized I took this kind of ride before in the coastal town of Coron years ago and flashbacks of our Camiguin backpacker trip riding the "habal-habal" around the island. But I only knew them to be used in remote islands and locations when transport is not accessible. But wait this is Forbes Park and we are going to the Global City of Fort Bonifacio!

Yahoo! as we sped off, I gave a shout of glee wooohoo! Authentic "habal-habal" at the heart of Forbes Park. I was really excited. We were going to make it on time. (well, until we saw the lines at the SVIP, VIP). Amats and I were really excited as we convoyed the two motorbikes to the open field at the Fort. I was talking to the driver and he said they've been there for a few years now and I later learned from Tatay A. that they were retired soldiers. We dubbed them "soldiers of fortune". Wagi!


Senor Enrique said...

Hi Daisy!

VIP Pass, eh ... cool :)

It wasn't until when I returned to Manila when I began to listen to their music; thanks to my nephews who played their CDs during our long drives. I have to admit I was very much impressed by them from the start. I think they're The Beatles of our country.

Lucky you!

BTW, please email me your email addy at:

I'd like to connect you with a friend and her husband who are involved in some remarkable environmental issues in Mindoro. Perhaps, you might be of some "light" to them. Thank you!



Daisy said...

Dear Eric!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I really treasure receiving comments and notes from fellow bloggers specially from a great photographer like you!

It is great that you know the Eraserheads through your neplhews. One measure of a great musician is that even if years pass by they are remembered and loved because of their music! I love them.

I thank God for real good friends

By the way, I already received an email from Bernadette but still unable to reply due to many many things happening lately. I will reply to her and copy you as well.

Thank you so much!

God bless,