Friday, February 22, 2008

Trace Trajano

When the student is ready the teacher arrives yet again. Today was a very good day to discover a possible mentor! I discovered the blog of Trace Trajano.

"...Not only are these millionaires “just millionaires”. I want these millionaires to be enlightened millionaires or millionaires who give back to the poor and millionaires who teach other people how to become millionaires.

This is the reason why Larry and I, together with a real estate billionaire and a preacher set a BIG, HAIRY, AUDACIOUS GOAL: One Million Pinoy Millionaires by 2020! We’ll start with peso-millionaires, yes but a million of them helping the country, a million of them helping the poor, a million Pinoys teaching our youth the basics of money…this is big, or I would say BHAG – for Big Hairy Audacious Goal!..."
As in sobra akong natuwa sa pag share nya ng maraming information sa kanyang blog. If you have time please see the complete entry of Trace Trajano. I have yet to email him of how he inspires me.

I've attended the seminar of Bo Sanchez "How to be Truly Rich" last February 2nd. This was after I read the book of Jamie McIntyre. I also just finished the free on-line program of Bob Doyle. It is amazing that I am now finding Filipinos who are actually using the same principles of Robert Kiyosaki and Napoleon Hill.


Richard said...


Trace Trajano is based in the US. His business partner and my mentor, Larry Gamboa is based in the Philippines.

You may want to attend the Think Rich Pinoy seminar this coming August. I will announce it on my blog soon.

Richard said...

Hi, Saw that you mentioned "Bo Sanchez" if so - you might be interested to reserve your Nov 28-29, 2009 for a chance to hear him live/see him/have your books signed at the Araneta Coliseum for the once in a lifetime event "Dream Big, Win Big".

It's a big learning event about "dreaming big in your life and using your core gifts to follow your dream". Yes it's a catholic event, there's mass and worship but there's also a lot of singing and dancing and comedy as well as the huge message on big dreams. See you or your friends there!

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