Friday, February 22, 2008

old pants, new pants!

Almost a year ago I just gave birth to my beautiful baby. As you all know, most mothers gained at least 25 kg over their original weight during the pregnancy. After a few months I tried on my old clothes but my pants and shirts could not fit anymore. I was saddened by the fact that I might need to overhaul my whole wardrobe.

Until a month ago, while I was cleaning out the "aparador" I decided to try on my old pants. Guess what?!!!! IT FITS!!!! I was sooo happy to be able to fit to my old clothes again. I tried on all my other pre-pregnancy pants and they ALL fit now!!! I am so happy I wore my trusty old blue jeans to the grocery. It felt really good. I did not know that this simple event can truly make my day and weeks to come.

I did not blog about it immediately because I thought this might just be for this week I might gain it back. But they still fit. Yehey! I dont have to buy new ones. I love my old clothes. I love my old pants!


Senor Enrique said...

I know how wonderful it feels to be able to once again fit into our favorite clothing, especially those well-worn jeans ... hehehe!


Daisy said...

thanks Senor Enrique.

It has been a while indeed. Thanks for visiting. I am always passing by your blog and amazed how you guys can really have great photos and insights consistently!

God bless!