Monday, April 30, 2007

Inspired by a 16 yr old

We have been warned time and again. Our new world that they call
"adulthood" is one that's full of compromises, where success is
determined more by the ability to belong than by the ability to think,
where it is much easier to do as everyone else does...

Today, the nation needs brave, defiant pioneers to reverse our nation's
slide to despair. Today, we must call upon the spirit that beat the
tracks. Today, we must present an alternative way of doing things.

Do NOT just take courage, for courage is not enough. Instead, be BRAVE!
It will take bravery to go against popular wisdom, against the clichid
expectations of family and friends. It will take bravery to gamble your
future by staying in the country and try to make a prosperous life here...

Do NOT just be strong in your convictions, for strength is not enough.
Instead, DEFY the pressure to lead a comfortable, but middling life. Let
us lead this country from the despair of mediocrity. Let us not seek to
do well, but strive to EXCEL in everything that we do. This, so others
will see us as a nation of brains of the highest quality, not just of
brawn that could be had for cheap.
These words are excepts from the graduation speech of the UP Diliman summa cum laude Mikaela Fudolig April 22, 2007.


Senor Enrique said...

Very inspiring!

Surely to follow one's bliss requires much courage and trust in the universe.

Sidney said...

Lets hope that those wise words are followed by deeds!

Daisy said...

Senor Enrique,

I think in everything however mundane it is sometimes these things requires much courage and as she puts it bravery.

Daisy said...

Dear Sidney,

She is indeed wise beyond her years. I did not include the whole speech but there was a line she mentioned-- they say talk is cheap so she plans to be of service to the University as a teacher.

brilliant and ideal as she is, her choice is stay here in the country.

lets hope that there will be more like her. :)