Friday, April 27, 2007

sand and salt water

These are images from El Nido, Palawan photos by Carmelo Sorita a good friend we spent our vaction with :) who was in town this past week.
How I wish we all can go back and spend the remaining summer days in the islands.

I've worked in the remote islands of Tawi Tawi in Taganak where the transboundry Turtle Islands is located. Our office is actually on the beach. Everyday is summer. I've always imagined sleeping with the sound of the waves on the background. I was really happy that particular dream came true. I've work in Palawan for the Tubbataha project and was happy to live in Puerto for over a year. I miss just going out the door and be right there on the sand. I can sit there for hours. Before dinner watch the sun set. But there were some sad times when I remember family back home. I think the ocean does that to you. Both happy and sad, mixed and many emotions surface while sitting watching the waves, the horizon.

I think the heat of Manila now makes me appreciate those times I lived on the beach. It was just a few years back and yet it seems a lifetime away.


Sidney said...

I really need to visit Palawan!
Lucky you! Having an office along the beach! :-)

Daisy said...

Hi Sidney!

Yes indeed I feel blessed. I love the outdoors that is why I like working for the Envt.

You should go to Palawan soon! Many say that it is one of the most beautiful places...

Senor Enrique said...

I know some people who'd kill to have a job like that ... hehehe! Imagine, being in paradise and getting paid for it. What more would anyone want?

Daisy said...

Dear Senor Enrique,

Exactly how I felt while I was diving in Tubbataha doing coral surveys. I am indeed in paradise and getting paid to do it icing on the cake. It really doesn't feel like work.

Ever since, I really wanted to work outdoors. I guess for me it is true, do what you love and then things will follow.

beboy said...

i liked to visit there one day...probably on my vacation