Saturday, February 17, 2007

Salamat sa mga pagbati!

To everyone who sent their love (you know who you are). Thanks you so much. I want to thank specially Lingkod brothers and sisters-- even though we haven't been with you all for the past couple of years, you all have continued to send us your love in so many ways. Thank you also to Lakay people. You all really made my day truly special with your words of affirmation. Thank you for the prayers, well wishes and gifts. My love tank is full to overflowing with the blessings.I guessed Amats did a text brigade ahhaha :) thanks for responding with prayers, greetings, well wishes and all. May God bless you all indeed in everything that you do, everyday of the year.

We went to a thanksgiving mass at UP as a family-- the 3 of us. Then in the afternoon I had to renew my lincense-- I will share in another post how funny this experience turned out to be. Then in the evening we had a family dinner at DonHen with my sister's two kids, together with the lolos. Here's my nephew Juluis with the huge pizza.

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