Thursday, February 15, 2007

expecting the un-expected

Today I started counting how many valentines there has been in our lives together. This year is the 5th year that Amats and I spent Valentines together. Three years as a married couple. Wow! 5 years is half a decade (tama ba to?). We do not really celebrate Valentines day that is why I don't remember that we ever really had a Valentines day dinner or celebration. But there was a couple of times that I was surprised with a heartshaped donut or two haha!

I love to be surprised with unique ideas and simple things. During Valentines Day, I really do not expect any flowers but I would joke around that "Oh were are my flowers? Hahhaa!" Too bad we are not in Laguna where we can pick kampupot or santan in the garden. Giving flowers during V-day seem to be an obligation that has been conjured by the media or commercial businesses. Not that I do not want to receive flowers. I do. But receiving flowers on any other day even makes it more special as the giver is not really influenced by an occasion. There was a time that I received a bunch of red gumamelas
(hibiscus) when I was in the islands. I guess that was one of the most memorable bunch of flowers I received and un-expected because there was really no occasion when I got it.

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