Thursday, February 15, 2007

love languages

It takes so little to make me happy. You don't need to have a lot to be able to express your love. Some imagination and lots of creativity will go a long way.

The book The Five Love Languages of Children, it was identified that these love languages are: physical touch, gifts, quality time, words of affirmation and acts of service. This list is not only for children but it also applies to the grown-ups. I haven't read the book. But it is in my "to-have" list.

Physical touch. A hug can go a long way. It can bring comfort and affirmation at the same time. Cuddle time is very important for children as well as adults. Holding hands while walking (pa-sway sway pa) are simple comforting expressions of affection that can fill anyone's love tank.

Gifts. You do not need to have lots of money to buy gifts to express your love. One can make a simple card (not an e-card) with heartfelt words of love is a priceless gift. Know what your significant other really like and make an effort to show that you care by presenting them gifts that they need and want. This year I gave the hubby a huge jar of prime quality peanut butter. I know that he loves the stuff. He would take lots of time on the peanut butter aile in the grocery store. Since we have limited grocery budget we just buy ludy's or any low cost but good ones. He looked like a little boy while enjoying this gift for breakfast.

Quality time. This is a must. You must make time for your loved one. You really do not have to spend to do this. I for one love long walks be it in a park or just a trip to Eunilane. The important thing is that you are spending time together just enjoying each others company. A warm cup of tea or coffee in the kitchen with lots of conversation. There are many ways to express this love language and it doesn't have to cost a cent.

Words of Affirmation. A note written with much love will be treasured forever. Remember those old shoe box moments in vintage films and even in CSI episodes? There is always the well kept love letter. It is kept with the most valuable of things and stored for posterity. This is one of the common and easiest way to express your love. Simple words of affirmation as long as it is sincere and from the heart will be well remembered.

Acts of Service. Preparing your love one's favorite meal, drink or snack. Driving your loved one to work. Cleaning up the camping gears yourself while you let your partner rest. It can be as simple as opening the door for someone else. The giving of one's self to the service of others especially your loved one. Being malambing and masikaso ranks high in most people's list of essentials.

All of the five love languages can fill to overflow anyone's love tank. All you need is time and a little imagination. All of these can be expressed even without a single cent spent.

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