Saturday, February 17, 2007

Al Fresco with the UP Madrigal Singers

Last Thursday, the Liwanag family picked us up to watch the UP Madrigal Singers. We were there early before the show started at 5:15 pm. We've been planning this since we saw the schedule at the Arts Hub. I haven't seen the UP Mads in any performance. But I know that they've won several awards and have toured most of Europe. We made sure we didn't miss this free performance. It was great. Acapela music al fresco. It was both intimate and inclusive because of the vanue. It is amazing to listen to a group of Filipino singers performing Swedish, German, Spanish and Korean songs. Of course they sang Filipino compositions as well. Powerful voices that makes your hair stand as they sang Lead Me Lord. Amazed us with their interpretation of Man in the Mirror.They made us laugh with their rendition of Bahay Kubo and Sitsiritsit. We gave them a standing ovation. For their encore they sang "Let it be".

We enjoyed the performance together with the superb food that Rolyn prepared for us.
Nothing can beat this. World class performance enjoyed in the company of good friends with great healthy food!


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