Sunday, February 18, 2007

radio stars

Yesterday, Lillian, Vanessa and I went to guest on DWIZ 882 to represent UPLKM. I've never been inside a radio booth or went to any radio station AM or FM. My curiosity I guess urged me to join when Lillian extended the invitation. We got the invitation through the connections of Nine Continente who has been volunteering for Ecowaste Coalition.

In the photo are Lillian and Joey Papa host of Bangon Kalikasan. I told them that I will just be the official photographer of the event haha.

The radio program lasted for an hour. The conversation was light and easy. In the van, we were told that the listeners are the "masa" thus we should keep the discussions light and funny. Otherwise they will either turn their dial in another station or lower the volume.

Questions were the common ones like "what do you get from climbing a mountain", "where do you pee?" ahahha "Did you have problems getting permission from your parents" and "what mountains you've climbed.

There were also some serious questions like "what are the projects that Lakay have?" and some discussions on waste management and low impact climbing.

this post to be continued.... we have to go to Callospa today. Yehey!

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