Saturday, December 02, 2006

No rains at signal #2

For the past two days, we were bracing ourselves for the supertyphoon Reming to hit Metro Manila. But it was interesting to note that there was barely any rain as Reming codename:Durian passed by. But you can just sense something is coming.

On Nov 30th evening the lights went out. Oh no, here we go again. Something like a blast, some shouts then darkness. Hehehe there were no rains yet that night, only slightly gusty winds blowing. Apparently, we learned that a transformer was busted in Matalino St. Haaay.

The good news is that Quezon City in particular is spared from the super typhoon, but when I saw the path of the storm passing by Verde Island passage and the whole of Batangas. I was really worried for Ka Rosie and the people of Lobo and Bigang Munti. I remember when Typhoon Caloy hit Batangas, houses were taken by the sea, boats were wrecked and some fishermen died. It was really sad. I remembered all the permanent transect blocks we painstakingly laid out at Biga, most of them were washed out by Caloy and I don't know what happened now. I texted Ka Rosie to send them some comforting messages.

As I watched the wreck in Naga City, now declared in state of calamity, I saw familiar road in Naga. We have a friend there we visited a few years back when we went to see the whalesaharks of Donsol. It is really sad to see those images. The reports said it would be lucky if the electricity is back on by Dec 15th.

It was a bit eerie that there was not much rain in the metro while all these are going on and signal number 2 at that.

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