Thursday, November 30, 2006

Not another Milenyo

Oh no. I just called up my sister and learned that there is another super typhoon coming. Reming is said to be stonger than Milenyo. I did not have time to visit the daily newspaper online until this morning. We did not watch TV for the past 3 days that is why I was surprised to hear that another typhoon stronger than Milenyo is coming.

Oh well, I asked Amats to maybe another pail to store water. Now we're thinking to just fill Isay's new large tub with water. For candles maybe we can use the remaining ones unused from the binyag last Sunday. Anyway, it is a good thing that I was able to buy some grocery yesterday. I remember before during Milenyo we had to cook our one week supply of chicken. We cooked it our favorite way, fried with a bit of chili powder. It was good during that day that one of our friends passed by to help us eat those fried chickens. She was so harassed with the lines formed in Eunilane and Kowloon. It is hard for those who have no kitchens because they cannot even cook their own food when all the fast foods are closed. While, it is a worry for those who stored poultry, fish and veggies because we need to cook them ASAP when the electricity is turned off. Haay.

I was thinking of visiting friends and family this weekend but with this storm in the horizon we might just have to keep warm for the weekend here in our little cubby hole.

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Dada said...

I will always remember that chicken. Yum, yum, yum. And the love that was given to cooking it, and to kitchenless me.