Thursday, November 30, 2006

Life and Love

Life is too short to be spent in worry, doubt, anxiety and drama. I realized more clearly now that in whatever situation you are in, you can always, always choose to make better the situation you are in. You can always make the decision to make happy memories. This is not to say that we gloss over our other emotions. I believe it is still valid for us to experience a certain level of worry or be sad due to some unfortunate event. But, we can opt not to dwell in these. The many complex emotions that go through us in a day, one can not ever capture all of these in words alone. I believe that we as human beings are given the power to decide for ourselves. To make that decision on how to react to the things around us. In the end we often ask "what does really matter?" for me it would be to love and cherish people who are significant to us. As life is indeed also full of ugly stuff but despite these, we can opt to make happy memories to fill our days and eventually our lives. When I look back I hope that I will have more of the happy ones instead of the drama ones haha!

It is such a beautiful thing that God gave us free will to decide to love Him or not. With all of His powers He could have just made robots that will follow him and love him. But this is not His way. God with all His omnipotence have put in our hands the decision. It is not what people tell us to do. It is not what our religion tells us to do. It is not even what our family tells us to believe. It is for our own free will to decide to love Him, worship Him.

Love in all its forms is always a decision.

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