Saturday, December 02, 2006

The politics of weddings

Before weddings are open to the public mostly in the provinces. I just do not know exactly how the evolution of wedding guest came to be. Now, there are problems where to sit who, what table should this and that person be. Haay such a hassle. But I guess it is also economics. Because life these days are much harder. But there it is the whole politics of who to invite and where to sit that person. If given the choice I would opt not to go through this exercise.

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Today actually it made me think: "Why people spend so much just for show?".

Take for example wedding A of Pepe and Pilar (not their real names but they are real people--to protect me more than them haha) they have this grand wedding in a grand cathedral they they have this huge reception in a prominent hotel in the metro where more than 300 guest arrive most of them visitors of their visitors. Then when all is over the newly weds are submerged in loans here and there. And to think this couple really do not have much. Some years later let us look at what happened to their relationship?

Then there is wedding B itago natin sila sa pangalang Juan at Maria. This couple is really rich and could really afford to have a grand wedding but they chose to have a simple ceremony. They have few friends to grace to occasion and afterwards they ate out together in a nice restaurant. And that was it.

Then wedding C mountaineer friends got engaged on the summit of their favorite mountain peak, next few days they got married with only selected significant people in both their lives as guest. This couple also is well loved and had the blessings of their family, they are both of age, been together for more than 5 years. Their families are also well off. Now they both live in the US.

I just cannot understand why some people opt to have grand weddings when they cannot afford it and second thing, years later looking at their relationship well...

And then there are those that have simple ones and yet have a more meaningful ceremony and years later their relationship still going stronger.

What does really matter anyway? It really is simple.

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