Saturday, November 11, 2006


I just love to see the now small tribe of Aitu Cook Islands win back to back in their reward and immunity challenges. At this time of the season when they get the "love" reward receiving letters from home and pictures of family--it was one of the best group hug I've seen on all of Survivor 13 seasons-- I really hope they make the final 4. I am really a fan of survivor, mostly because of the challenges. I really do not like the part when they talk behind each other. But the amazing thing is that this game can be played with honor and integrity.

Thanks to broadband I was able to watch almost all of the previous 12 seasons of survivor online. My favorite Survivor season was held in another Pacific Island is the Survivor Marquesas when Vee won as sole survivor. Marquesas was an example that survivor can be played with your honor intact. I like Cirie of Survivor Exile Island in Panama. In her final words she said do not listen to the underestimators of this world, go out, leave the couch and don't listen to your own self doubt. Cirie made it to the final four in a season when the tribes were segregated by gender and age. Stepahnie from Palau is an amazing woman she was the lastone standing in her tribe Ulong before the merge. Then her reincarnation in Guatemala where she was in the final 2.

Surviving is not just providing nourishment to oneself. More importantly is how you interact with the people around you. It could be heaven or hell-- it all depends on how you react at the situations that is presented to you. Despite hunger and exhaustion there is always a choice.

I just like the productions of Mark Burnett. I should make a mental note to watch all the other eco-challenges next.

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