Saturday, November 11, 2006

Beautiful Old Soul

Sometimes in our lives we meet people that will make an impact in our life unexpectantly, one who will inspire you to live your life to the fullest.

I first met Mr Jim Reynolds at Antipolo in 2005 when we had our workshop at MMLDC. Then in Suva, Fiji through LMMA network. He was a peace corps volunteer at 60 plus golden years. He volunteered under the University of South Pacific working with villages help manage their marine resources. I was really amazed at his spirit of generosity. While spending time at a welcome celebration in Navakavu village I got to spend more time to get to know our professor. We danced with him in his Bula shirt of bright red and I learned that he was an aerobic inctructor before in his younger years.

He is professor emeritus of the University of Alaksa in Fairbanks. But to us, in our small circle, he is professor X of the X-men and we are his legions of mutants hahaha from all over the Asia Pacific. After his service with peace corps at USP he went back to the US. Then, last Feb we were In Bali for yet again another series of workshops for data management of the x-men. Anyway, kidding aside we are truly inspired by the way he unselfishly shared himself to us all. And Bali was the last time I saw him.

The other day we received a care package from the US. We were happily surprised that the small box is a gift for Isay from Lolo Jim. It was a warm nice Nemo blankie. Also enclosed is a card with Indians and early Christmas present for Isay--her first ever Christmas card and it was not from Nanay and Tatay--it was from Lolo Jim. In my thank you email I explained to him that "lolo" means grandfather. Truth be told I was really moved and cried tears of joy to be at the receiving end. A gift from such as beautiful soul.

He wrote us back that he was happy that we received the gift then he signed it--Lolo Jim.

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