Saturday, November 11, 2006

Pacific Islanders arrive

After several months of preparation finally next week our national convention will push through. Just this past month tons of information exchange, data follow up in-country work, lots coordination going on, logistics work etc etc. But I love what I do and I work from home which is a plus because I can be with my baby most of the time. Sometimes I feel my plate is always full but because I love what I do, it always seems to be really manageable--of course with lots of help from local partners and friends.

Tonight my friends from Fiji arrive and one from Canada. At least now I am confident that this culminating activity for the year will be unfolding soon. In the rush of things early this evening upon arrival, ticket, rooms, meeting time, shopping, data etc. Then they ask what time is it now in London, at 8pm Manila it is 1am in London if not mistaken because--the one important thing that these guys asked me--"Ok now, where can we watch Rugby?". Wales vs Pacific Islanders tomorrow-- the workshop will not push through if these guys can't watch it they said in jest.

The lady in the front desk said they have cable and ESPN and you can just see them smile.

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