Monday, August 28, 2006

30 na si Tatay Amats

Maligayang Bati aming mahal!!!
Tatay Amats Happy Happy Birthday to you.

The wooden frame of Isay's bassinet is hand-made by Tatay Amats. He is not really a carpenter but I was amazed that he was able to put this frame together a few days just before Isay arrived. It was indeed a labor of love. What made it very special is the love, time and effort that Amats spent making this this frame -- measuring the dimensions, canvassing, buying and cutting the wood, borrowing carpentry tools from the grandfather of Joy (of He cares).

I want to honor you today Tatay Amats by sharing it here that you bring much happiness in our lives by loving us simply in your most unique way. You help me see that the most important things in life are not success or being wealthy or the number of things you have accomplished in life or doing what others expect you to be. We may not be rich, but we never lack in anything.

You made me appreciate the most mundane of things can bring us joy. The butterflies we see or the way the dog of our neighbor barks, greeting us on our way or how the small maya birds in our back terrace ate our left over rice. Simple things that otherwise I would have missed, but you helped me appreciate these and much more.

There are many lessons you have taught me about loving unconditionally, trusting and relying on His grace. I am still learning my lessons I guess. Thank you for being understanding of my complex mood swings and other what-nots. There are many more things I want to share but there are also some things that cannot be described.

Today on your 30th birthday, I pray that He shower His grace and blessings on you.

I thank God for you.

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Amats said...

kumusta mahal kong Day @}-}--

maraming salamat sa lahat ng pagmamahal at pagaalala mo sa akin at kay Isay. alam mo at umasa na andito rin ako para sa iyo...

lahat ng ito ay dulot din ng Pag-Ibig na dulot Niya sa ating mag-anak. wag mangamba kung sa gayon at lahat ay naaayon sa Kanya sa ating kaligayahan at kaya sa Kanya din nakapamagitan ang ating pagmamahalan... kaya mahal kita.. nang lubos.. at basta 0;)