Saturday, December 24, 2005

A Child is born unto us

This season of advent would be one of my first to truly know the meaning of waiting,expectation, and anticipation. I feel blessed to experience being an active part in His miracle of creation.

It was only this Christmas season that I truly felt how difficult it is for Mama Mary to be carrying the Child Jesus in her womb, experiencing all the physical stress of coping with daily stress of an expectant mother, traveling to visit Elizabeth, then that 9 miles travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem on a donkey to think that they were not just traveling on flat land. Never have I felt so sad that they have no room to stay but just a stable.

I could just imagine her having the difficult time of her life and yet she and Joseph was able to overcome all of these. I can imagine the stress that she might be feeling. It is difficult enough to be with Child and all those physical challenges that an expectant mother have to bear add to that they have no where to stay for the night. Only this year that I have felt how palpable this aspect of Christmas is.

Always I was wondering why God chose to come in such a humble setting. I thought I understood this in various ways but yet this year it revealed again a new insight. Our God is such a loving God that He wants to show us that it is not the physical and material things surrounding us that define us. And that the true meaning of our lives is that we were created with His divine purpose. He lets us know that He truly understands how hard it is to be human. A reassurance that wherever we are, whatever difficult situation we are right now, still He takes care of us His children.

Every Christmas season there is always a mix of emotions that floods upon me, they come in waves that sometimes I am unable to see through it clearly at once but God is good He sends His message in forms that is fitted to us alone. Now more than ever, the distinction between external hardships, anxiety, poverty is miniscule compared to the internal joy, hope and love that this Christmas has yet again reaffirmed in my life.

Merry Christmas everyone. Rejoice our Savior is born!


Ella said...

Day, I heard that you are now expecting and I'm happy for you! Thank you for sharing your reflections on Mama Mary's sacrifices. I'm praying for you. Merry Christmas!

dada said...

day, when are you going to tell me your big news??

i am happy for you!


Joni said...

Hi Sis Day! wow! gandang pamasko ni God for you! Merry na merry ang pasko! and haping happy talaga ang new year nyan! Godbless you always!

Daisy said...

Hi Ella,

Thank you very much sis for your prayers. We are also happy for you that you are enjoying your trip. sinubaybayan namin ang paglalakbay mo sa blog mo. Ang saya. Happy New year to you and family and welcome back :O)


Sis, thanks for your well wishes, it was indeed a blessed Christmas and a wonderful gift for our family. We are happy to know that you had a meaningful Christmas as well there in Taipei. God bless your wedding preps.


I hope you got my email. We are glad to hear that you spent yet another new year with katie and you had enough sun before heading back up north. Just saw mayang before she left for Seattle the other day GB3. And met Le and Mike and we talked about you. I hope you are well!!!