Saturday, January 07, 2006

Pasko sa Santiago

We spent Christmas Eve at the Santiago household with Jinky, Julius, Baby Jane, Vico, Dad, Tito Philip, Rhea, RJ and the whole family of the Jaboli's Nanay Bacion, leah, Niknik and other guest.

It was happiest for the kids specially during the gift giving and gift opening they were happily surprised with all the toys. Julius with the rc and the light sparkled in rj's eyes opening the mini toy billiards. We had great food with crabs, grilled bangus, roasted chicken, crispy pata that took the whole day to prepare (Julius hoarded the crispy skin), biko and more biko, ham, sausages, for dessert Jinky's buko salad and a huge sans rival cake to top it all (if there is still room in one's belly that night).

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