Saturday, December 17, 2005


Parol is the local name for the star that was seen by the three wise men. This is one of my favorite symbols of Christmas. The Parol is also very Filipino (not Santa, not the tree nor snow flakes in a tropical country hehehehe) the parol usually is made up of thin strips of bamboo tied together to form a star with thin colored papers and paper cut outs for its two tails to symbolize its bright shining rays showing the way to baby Jesus.

Though the parol had taken on many forms some dressed with dancing colored lights, many still use the traditional simple five point star. I guess I do have a bias for parol because i used to make one when I was young and always happy to hang it in the most prominent window of the house.

I love it becaise it is also a symbol of light and hope. It brightens and shows us the way and points to the One why we celebrate this season.

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