Monday, October 10, 2005

In awe of Your generosity

Unexpected blessings!

For the past few months one of the things our organization has been preparing for is the IMPAC congress in Geelong, Melbourne for October 24 to 28.  Early this year, I got confirmation that my abstract submission for the congress was accepted as a poster presentation. I was really excited that at least my paper passed the first screening. But I know, that usually those that got travel funding usually are those for the oral presentations.

As early as July, I knew that my application for a grant to participate in the first International Marine Protected Areas Congress was not approved by the organizers. I think I was expecting this and did not get my hopes up. My boss eventually registered me even though there is still no assurance that my own organization will fund my travel. Well, I really understood because we are now saving up as much as possible because finances are tight for next year.

Three weeks to travel time and still no word if I will indeed go.

Today, about two weeks before IMPAC, I received an email from my boss. I got a miss call on my phone and Ms Bek texted that Dindo wants to talk to me on Skype. Since I am still using a dial-up connection, I can’t be heard overseas. I can’t believe what I read on my inbox:

That the travel to Melbourne will be funded and the biggest BONUS and totally unexpected is that I am invited to a technical tour to visit the Great Barrier Reef on October 17 to 22.


For the longest time, I’ve dreamed of visiting the GBR, since I became a diver — on top of the must see dive sites in the world—is the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Oh my God! Thank you for your generosity! Definitely there were also angels that helped me get the grant - John Parks of NOAA and Pam Seeto of Packard Foundation—they were the silent angels who were instrumental in helping the LMMA team participate in this event.

My God, indeed You cannot be outdone in generosity.


Honey Oliveros said...

Praise God, beloved! Wonderful news...God cannot be outdone in His generosity indeed :-) I'm so very happy for you, especially for the GBR not very much into Australia, but I know it's a lovely country. If you need anyone to take you around Sydney (although I know you've made many friends there already), I can "entrust" you to one of my best friends from college or my former roommate David (after taking care of him in Paris, he owes me big time heh heh). All the very best to you my dearest!

lex said...

galing! galing! i really am happy for you. indeed, God cannot be outdone. :)

dada said...

hello daisy!!

great, great news. maybe you'll get reunited with your laptop then?

whatever happened to it?!

wow, kapatid, goodluck to your presentation!!

you owe me along email, yes, you know you do! hehe.

loveyou, d

Daisy said...

Hi Honey,

thanks for the offer. :O) ang galing naman dito ko ngayon sa friend ko dati office mate si Olive. will be having lunch here with them. tapos nagemail iba ring friends. Praise God talaga.

Hi Lex,
thanks bro fro dropping by. sobra generous talaga ni God.

Hi Dada,

Yes i do owe you an email. will do soon. read my old post Amazing Grace. Yes dito re-united na sa laptop--pero di ko pa na try kung nag wowork. kay james to na laptop gamit ko.

thanks for passing by my blog