Monday, October 10, 2005

Colds again and related stories

Since last Thursday the weather and the circulating virus caught me again. Last week was a bit of a panic because of the unavailability of the transcribers/translators for the documentary that we did at Surigao del sur for the Hinatuan Bay story. I thank God for good friends and the angels that quickly responded to the need. Thank God indeed because we were able to submit all the required transcriptions of footage log and translation for the English sub-titles for this was for international release here in the Asia Pacific Region for marine practitioners.

I guess it was stress, before we went to Hinatuan last week of Sept I got well from a terrible fever. It was fortunate that I was able to do the week long field work and was able to dive.

As of Thursday, the virus caught me again but still had the energy to celebrate last Friday for Lex’s birthday—we saw their new house which Lex designed himself—it was good to reconnect with friends Lex, Jeryc, Honey, Johanna and was able to meet a new friend one mean guitarist Arnel imported from Kabayan (he wants to live at He Cares).

Saturday was our time for He Cares I thought I would not have the energy to serve, the weather not so good, I was a bit apprehensive to go but we did anyway.  I cannot believe where the energy comes from, I was amazed how God enabled me to serve despite the colds and tiredness I felt the past days. We had our lunch at 2pm as usual but I was not hungry. This incident made me think talaga that it is an affirmation from God that when He calls He enables. After He Cares, I was able to send via Fedex the miniDVs of the documentary. I didn’t feel tired until I got home.

I stopped drinking medicine for a reason I cannot disclose now and all Sunday I was bed ridden so to speak although I was still able to cook because both Amats and I are down with the cold with Amats having high fever.  

God is so good –He sent us food last night.  Ria and Jas cooked giant tiger prawns for dinner. But we already had mungo for dinner. They invited us for a movie but we can’t. Today we had the prawns for lunch.

Today I am not feeling much better. Congestion is really bad because I have chronic rhinitis, my allergy together with the “cold” is not good. Still I was able to go to NCC Open U at Diliman to request for change of test center. It will be my final exam for my repeat subject on environmental economics.

I hope there are accessible herbal medicines that can cure colds and allergies.

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