Monday, October 17, 2005

Back in Sydney

I arrived at 8am in the morning at the International airport after a short one hour transit in HongKong last night. Yesterday it was raining in Manila when I left the house at past 2PM. One the way to the airport nearing Boni Avenue on the Red Dollar taxi, while i was reviewing in my mind my IT, I suddenly remembered my poster and asked Amats. We had to make a U turn at gualdalupe and get the poster--my main reason for this trip. In less than an hour we were able to get the poster at home then arrive at T1 at NAIA. Stress level high--departure pa lang. Hehehe. Anyway all went well during the trip here and I will be having lunch with Olive and James in their nice home. I already checked in at the T2 domestic airport earlier today. It was great my flight later today is at 4PM for Brisbane then Townsville. I was amazed how easy it is to have e-tickets an self check in at a unit very similar to an ATM machine.

I will not have regular access to email once we are in Townsville.

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