Saturday, October 22, 2005


We went to Paradise Island yesterday at the GBR. We went there on board Passions a nice boat about 80 people on board which is still small compared to others with 400 guest, really organized crew, complete gear. There was a bit of a current yesterday but the weather was great bright and sunny. I didn't get out of the water until the very last minute. I swam with my new Mexican friends Annie Hudson and Senora Gaby, also with Alma of Palau and Annie from NOAA. We saw a blue dotted sting ray, lots of regal butterfly fish, the we also saw a school of cuttle fish I kept beside them for a long time. I didn't have prescription mask and did not notice what they were until I was close and got really excited. We also went into a glass bottom boat with a marinse scientist crew Robin she was really great describing everything about the reef. We saw a maori wrasse a huge one and a hawksbill turtle. It was a really good day. I was hoping that I can go back to GBR next time with Amats.

We are back here at Tradewinds Hotel. This my last day at Cairns. There were 4 Filipinos in this technical trip actually 5 including Dindo. I will be flying out with Ms Jovy to Melbourne this afternoon.

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