Wednesday, October 26, 2005


It is mid-week of the IMPAC congress her in Geelong. I was sick yesterday and had to be in bed for the whole day. I have never been homesick in all my recent travels--now i really want to go home. By Saturday I will be back home. I can't eat sanwiches for lunch and like Honey I cannot survive with out rice. I had rice from a Chinese "takeaway" but my tummy not cooperating. Hay it is so hard to be sick and away from home. I canceled on the field trip to swim with the dolphins and seals tour. It is a bit hard when your body decides that it cannot cooperate with what you have in mind.

On the better side, I was able to listen to Tundi Agardy--one of the auhtors i read in grad school. I really thought that she was a "he" but it turned our that she is very smart lady. it was great to listen to my "references" as i call them.

I thank God for this experience and i look forward to coming home soon in a few days time.

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