Wednesday, September 14, 2005

free will, power and respect

I was ruminating about the things that happened today and once in while Amats and I would exchange some thoughts. We just came from the Center early this evening.

It just struck me once more how powerful our God is and I was telling to Amats, actually He is omnipotent that He can just make us follow Him. But He did not. Amats said, that is why He gave us free-will. Without free-will there can be no love in the world.

I am in awe how my almighty God could have so much respect to what I decide and He honors that. I do need to be responsible for my choices. But we are free to decide.

People sometimes mis-use this freedom. Sometimes I think people believe they are the master of themselves and even of their fellow men. I was also wondering why some people feel superior above others? Issues of racism even though it is hidden in many anti-racist policy, still palpable are the actions of people whose bias cannot be hid.

Why are there people who have no respect for others? I think those people who are truly strong inside exhibit true respect for others, while those who are weak tries to hide beneath the facade of being strong and more often than not, do not respect others.

midnight random thoughts.

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