Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Amazing Grace

My backpack has been found according to Mr. Charles Boustani of Lost property Department of Sydney Train station. They already called my friend's number and informed her, I also received a text from her this morning about the good news. I just need to authorize my friend who lives in Sydney to claim it for me. I will be back in Australia in October and I will be able to get it by then.

Thank God. Thank you for your prayers! Indeed this a concrete example that God answers prayers. He helps us during troubled times and brings us comfort wherever we are.


Bloggers Review said...
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Marlon said...

wow kapatid that's great!

Ella said...

This is a miracle, sis! I'm so happy they found it. Hope everything's intact. I noticed you have a spammer/uwanted commenter. Turn on word verification for your comments to avoid this altogether. Keep sharing. God bless. :)

Daisy said...

Hi Ella,

Thanks for that tip. I just turned-on the word verification sa blogger settings para wala na nitong mga panget na comment na automatic naman pala, could you imagine sales people will go everyhere to sell their wares.

Thank you Ella for the prayers sis. will let you know kung intact ang mga gamit when i receive word from friends in Sydney.

I am glad you liked the postcards--its copies of first day issue stamps for collectors.

God bless sis