Thursday, September 08, 2005

Back Home

It is good to be back home. Each travel I believe makes me learn a new lesson, see new things, understand various perspectives, overcome and adjust to challenges before me, learned to live better and appreciate life more.

The past weeks have been a roller coaster of work and adventure. I've seen familiar and new places. Again, I've visited Sydney, Australia and Suva, Fiji Islands I was really happy to be given the chance to work and visit these places. I've visited old and new friends. Again I was able to work with the warm people of the South Pacific. A big bonus of this recent trip is that I was able to visit New Zealand.

Working with my colleagues at the University of South Pacific and the Fiji LMMA network gave me inpiration to continue on with the work that I do here in the Philippines. Recent developments at work gave me a clearer bearing of how to move forward with our work in marine conservation. We visited a village which I already blogged about.

I've visited a Filipino family Benjie, Sally and 3 yr old Chinox living in a dairy farm in New Zealand. I lived with them for a few days and listened to their aspirations of a better life. Ms Jovy and I visited their beautiful Tongariro National Park where some of the Lord of the Rings scenes were filmed.

In Sydney, I visit an old friend Olive whom I haven't seen in a long time. We both used to work for WWF Philippines. Could you believe it that it was only through Friendster that I was able to get in touch with her again and visit her.

Not everything went smoothly though. Along the way in Sydney, I lost my backpack containing Toshiba laptop, a Canon A70 digital camera, 256mb, 64mb,16mb memory cards, my petzel head lamp, usb flash drive (a gift), lady bug mouse (a gift also), medicine kit, toothbrush, NZ manuka honey lip balm, kiwi moisturizer, LOTR collector's stamps and other souvernirs and 200+ US$ and 8,000 pesos cash. Never have I lost so much in one blink of an eye.

Because of these events, I realized how materials things can be temporal. Lessons indeed come with a price.

Despite the stunning loss, inspite of the beautiful places that invite one to stay on, there is only one place that can sooth a tired spirit.

Its indeed good to be back home.


Sonya said...

I'm waching blogs all day long and I found yours which is really nice :)


Honey Oliveros said...

Welcome home dear sister...I know that there is a purpose behind this trial, and, because you are His friend and beloved daughter, it can only work for your good (Romans 8:28). May He continue to strengthen and sustain us. I love you dear Day, so happy you're home!

dada said...

dearest day!! i hardly have internet access recently, but i just would like to say that i feel your huge loss!! oh my. im sure something will turn up that will balance this loss.

you owe me an email!

love, dada

Daisy said...

Hi Sonya,


Hi Honey,

Yes I agree I think there is a purpose of why things happen. thanks for the affirmation. God bless you to sis!

Hi Dada,

Sorry was not able to reply to your email agad. I myself now have limited access since what happened. Just to answer your question, no there is no LMMA network members yet in Latin America--you can start writing a proposal :O) continuem to write to Dindo also.

Ok thanks again to all of you :O)


Joni said...

Hi Daisy!

Now lang ulit ako nakapag-blog hopping been busy lately! I've tag you check my blog! and Oh I wana say sorry for losing your laptop, di bale may kapalit yan na mas magandang blessing! And I'm so glad your back safe and sound! Me naman paalis on Wednesday to Canada. God bless sis and keep in touch! regards to Amats! :)

Daisy said...

Thanks Joni

Good luck with your trip to Canada. Ingat and God bless.

I am hoping/praying that there will better things in store for the future.

Ella said...

Daisy, first of all I want to thank you for the Frodo and Sam postcard. Awesome. You're just like my sister, whenever she sees LOTR stuff she sends them to me. If she could afford them.

Secondly I want to say I feel for your loss! I wonder with you what's in store, and I hope with you that it's bound to be something better. Hugs, sis.