Thursday, July 07, 2005

Stand for something

Yesterday I was able to attend the last day of the CSR Expo 2005, another acronym--Corporate Social Responsibility. I was able to attend and listen for free to world class speakers and one of them is Jude Mannion, CEO of Robin Hood Foundation in New Zealand. She said stand for something or stand for nothing. The way she presented to a large room of development workers in the Philippines is riveting to say the least. Beyond giving was the theme of the expo and her talk yesterday afternoon was beyond inspiring.

It was an affirmation of sorts for me personally. As I listened to her talk about "Why are there increasing trends that CEOs of top companies migrate to CSR"? Where would you find a work that builds on your creativity, has immense flexibity, and opportunity to do good and you actually have a job. Development workers are in this league.

It was a day well spent networking with different foundations in the country that have various environmental programs and linking with possible partners and funders. And listening to world class speakers like Jude is icing on the cake.

By the way there was a TNF exhibit, to boot!

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