Saturday, July 09, 2005

in the know

One of my past years goal is to be less stressful and this is still an on-going process. One major improvement and success which I am thankful for is that we do not have a TV at home, not that we cannot afford it, we just decided that it is such a constant source of bad news and good-for-nothing-tele-novelas. We decided that these are one of the things that we can live without. True enough, it has been a year now since I lived in this apartment that I do not own a TV set. I am happy to say that I get more things done and have been able to sleep early! yey such luxury.

So, now that there are these things happening in the country, how do we keep updated and be in the know then? Well thank God for blogs like MLQ3. And PCIJ stories behind our stories is one of the most updated in Philippine politics, if you want to be in the know.

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