Thursday, July 07, 2005

Almost Photofinish, again

I just finished writing today a proposal that I have been mulling over the past weeks. I have dropped it at the post office a short while ago and I feel that indeed it is another photofinish. Actually the deadline is tomorrow July 8th and that it has to be postmarked not later than then. Finishing at 4:30PM today and the post office closes at 5:00PM and well, you know how on-time the post office people here close. I was a bit tense. I also had less than 250 pesos in my wallet and no more time to pass by the ATM machine. I just took my chances and went to the PO. I thought if God is not willing to have me mail this today I won't and I still have tomorrow if ever. But I had an urgent sense that I needed to do it today - finish it once and for all. After a tricyle ride, a short wrong jeepney ride, then a padyak (local rickshaw) I arrived at the PO and with 5 minutes to spare. A good lady opened her closed window and helped me, gave me tape to close my envelope and I had enough cash to have the proposal mailed to Japan the ordinary registered mail which amounted to 180 pesos and still had enough coins to go back home. Amazing. Thank God.

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