Monday, July 04, 2005

Prayer power

Healing. That was the message I got today during reflection time. Today and the recent past, health and healing has always been a thing that I felt is always out of our hands to control.

I was chewing on thoughts of strength and power and what would one do in times that we need healing on a personal level, family, loved one and even a confused political society that is plaguing the country. I felt powerless. And the call is for sobriety and to pray.

My mind has been stuggling with some recent events that concerns family as well as my country. And I have once again underestimated the power of prayer. I was brought to my senses as I read about the woman who touched the tip of the garment of Jesus. By her belief and faith, she was healed.

And I thought, the Maker of the universe has this infinite power and the only thing we need to do to communicate with that power is to pray.

To pray is not to be without strength but it is the most powerful thing one can do. It takes courage to accept that we are powerless to influence health and healing of those around us and to acknowledge that there is a much, much greater Being that holds us in the palm of His hands.

Praying indeed is not for the weak of heart. Now the image of a prayer warrior comes to mind.

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