Monday, July 18, 2005

Bagong Gising

Meron tayong kasabihan "magloko ka na sa lasing, wag lang sa bagong gising". In these series of pictures you can see my beautiful niece, baby Jane Allison staring curiously at the camera.

What happened was that we visited a bit late last Sunday, but still around dinner time. Apparently JA had several visitors that day including auntie Leah. I guess she was playing the whole day before we arrived. Oh well, after dinner just before we were about to leave she woke up. She was kind of shocked to say the least. Tito-Ninong Amats' theory is that this kid will hate cameras as our digital camera keeps on blinking a red light towards her. The pictures says it all...

The pursed lips should be a warning sign already that taking pictures at unholy hours is a no-no. You can just see the transformation from happy cute expression, to mildly surprised then apparent irritation. hehehehe.

I'll take this Jane that you wouldn't want to go to Italy then?

I have taken many pictures of Jane since she was born six months ago. But it was this this shot that made me really laugh. It just shows her disgust being the subject of a paparazzi.

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