Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fan of HP

Just read the first two chapters of HP6 the Half Blood Prince. Thanks Honey for the copy. No, I wont spill out the beans hehehehe thus, you can read on. It has been a while since I have been a fan of a fictional character. Until a few weeks ago when I showed clear symptoms that I am indeed a FAN. The last time was Nancy Drew circa 1984 and not counting recently Chris Nolan's Batman. I guess it was Nancy Drew that really encouraged me to read early on.

About being a fan of HP. I have been resistant to HP when it first came out and now I have to admit that I am a fan. I guess the first symptoms of my being a fan was when I read Prisoner of Azkaban. The undenial signs of being a fan was apparent when I read my fave among the HP volumes---the Goblet of Fire. I bought a complete paperback set for my nephew Julius as a birthday gift to encourage him to read good stories. My only deal with my nephew is that he read first all the other books before I give him the copy of GoF.

Another aspect of being a fan, unlike being a fan of a hollywood star is that you can stalk them etc. But I guess you cannot do that with HP. I don't really think the HP image is totally represented by Dan R. I guess the story is bigger than the movies but the one made by Cuaron is exemplary.

I remember one hardcore fan of Tolkien, she said that it was sad that a movie was made on LOTR. Because every time you think of Frodo your image is locked on Elijah W. Whereas when there was yet the movie your imagination brings you to more unlimited and unexplained imagery of the character and each will be unique to each reader, thus making such a great adventure reading.

In another plane, being a fan sometimes is hard especially if you lack the budget to buy that universally launched volume. Being in the "global south" it is hard to part with that amount even if I am now openly declaring being a fan. But all is well and as always God knows what we want and provides for us. God is good indeed.

I'll continue reading tonight...

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