Sunday, July 17, 2005

Buhay Banahaw

This is Buhay Banahaw, my inaanak, the son of Abi and Earl. All his life (all of 2 years) he lived in Jersey and it was just the other day that I was able to meet him in person and spend time with him. Such a joy to see him play. Amats and I brought some gifts. I wrote in the card, "for all birthdays and Christmases past". While we were there he called me "Nyay nyi" his word for Ninang. It was amazing that while we were eating pizza he was able to say Ninang straight while offering a glass to drink. Awww.

I also learned that he like ping pong balls Abi will tell you the story herself. We really enjoyed spending time with Buhay and Abi and Earl. Good to see here he likes the yellow-orange truck we gave him checking it's tires.

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