Friday, February 04, 2011

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Ongpin

We had Chinese New Year dinner at President's Tea House along Salazar St. at Ongpin- Manila's China Town. The food was good you can view it in my other blog Pinay Mt. Chef.

Despite a fully loaded workday trying to beat that 5 PM exodus of people, still wasn't able to leave early. In the trains at around 6:30 ish sardine time at the MRT. Arrive at carriedo station and took a "kuliglig" to Ongpin.

It's dinner with good friends and why do we go accross town braving traffic and congestion of masses people on the streets?

The belief is that on new year's eve, it is very lucky if you will be able to witness the dragon dance. Here in the photo was the only encounter with a dragon. A small boy inside trying to run around the streets with this dragon head. I think they just finished a dance.

The night cap was coffee and chance to chat with my buddy it was her birthday.

Walking the streets of Ongpin... the air was full of beating of the drums, people buying lucky charms and filing long line just to buy "tikoy". We even bumped into our dear neighbors along the way. The night was warm and Manila's streets are alive with life.

It was intoxicating. Love it!

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