Sunday, November 08, 2009


I am once again reminded that the greatest power in the Universe is to express your gratitude.

Indeed I am thankful for all the blessings that I continue to receive in life. I will continue the reason why I made this blog in the first place... that this will serve as the record of the many good things in life that I am blessed with.

My cup continues to overflow with blessings. I am amazed that once a few moons ago some of the things that are manifesting in my life right now are just thoughts. But now they are reality. There is wisdom indeed that when you pray you need to be specific for what you pray for. But we all know that God is not a vending machine. He really wants to bless us. We just need to ask. if there is one prayer that we can pray many many times over in the course of the day-- that is to say "Thank You".

1. Thank you for my family who continually gives me unconditional love and my source of inspiration
2. Thank you for Isay. Who often reminds me "it's OK Nanay". She has said this to many times over at the most appropriate time. She is such an old soul.
3. Thank you for my hubby who is the most wonderful friend, lover, companion, and everything in between.
4. Thank you for friends far and wide who inspires me to increase our achievement quotient every time.
5. Thank you for good health of my family. There was a time a week or two ago that I had sore throat and I cannot drink water--- that was the ultimate reminder that even the smallest things can give you happiness. I am so happy now that I am able to drink water with my usual globglobglob sound ehehehe.

6. The list will continue on...

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