Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Netherlands

I am here at Wagenngen Netherlands. Arrived here yesterday evening after a 14 hour direct flight to Amsterdam. Then an hour train ride via Utrech to Ede Wageningen worth 14.50 euros and then bus to here for 2.40 euros.

There are 4 Pinoys here attending this 3 week fellowship. Mostly African, other countries include Brazil, Nepal, India, etc. will tell you all more about it later.

Yehey!!! finally in Europe for free!!! :)

Many many things happened this past two months that I was not able to share to all of you. Many great beginings!

I will try to give daily updates here.

I am back to blogging!


Sidney said...

Kan je al een beetje Nederlands spreken? ;-)
Enjoy the trip !

Daisy said...

Hi Sidney!

I really do not speak Dutch :) but thanks for the greeting ...I am so excited to see your comment that people still visit my blog even after my long absence :)

How are you and Senor Enrique?

I remember Sidney that you are from Belgium.

Let me know what are the best place for a day trip :)

I will be updating my blog regularly esp now that I am away from home!

I hope you are still blogging :)