Wednesday, December 17, 2008

wish list

While on the train yesterday going back from my tiangge shopping for Christmas, my thoughts once again revolved around what I should get for my inaanak, my family, my nephew etc etc. And while I was also on checking out the stalls looking something I cant find anything that I want. At the end of the day, I had a huge bag of gifts.

Then I thought maybe I should be really clear of what I want. It would be really easy to shop if I have a clear idea in mind what I need and want for Christmas.

Well here goes my list. I am just putting this out there for the Universe.

1. Nikon D300 digital SLR camera- for the longest time I've been wanting to have a digital slr camera and been putting off buying one. Depending on our budget I might look into the Nikon D60 in Quiapo.

2. A compact digicam-- I want something that I can put in my small purse kind of camera aside from the dslr. This is truly indulging in my photography geekyness hehehe but want to catch those special moments wherever I find myself be it be in the palengke or a playdate in UP eating fish balls. This digicam is preferably water resist to 30meters as well so I can bring it with me to the beach and diving expeditions.

3. A pelican for all these gears of course when I am outdoors :)

4. Round trip tickets to Europe for Tatay, Baby and I to visit Ate Rose and Kuya Per in Sweden. Visit Vincent and Joy and the new baby in London.

5. Aerosole shoes both flat and heels (but not too high)even though I am always in my TNF shoes I love the idea that once in a while I can wear a real nice pair of heels. Maybe thow in a pair of dancing shoes as well since I'll be having my dance class regularly.

6. TNF jacket

7. to be continued

I will be making up a list for Baby soon :)

Sarap din mangarap :) libre naman di vah? kaya dadagdagan ko pa yan.

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Señor Enrique said...

Would you believe I've been using my Canon point & shoot a lot more than my Nikon D80?

Nonetheless, D300 would be swell :)

Trust all is well with you and the family, Daisy.