Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pasko na naman

I've been pondering about how we collectively and individually celebrate Christmas. I chanced upon a blog that inspired me to write some thoughts about the season.

Usually it is a time of giving and receiving. Only birthday I know that even people who are not believers still celebrate. Our manner of celebration varies depending on our beliefs and upbringing. But for the majority there seems to be a constant: "gift" as tokens of love.

I realized the truth of the saying: to be able to give love, you have to have love in your heart. Your love tank at least should be refilled when we continuously do the business of being human. Christmas is a great opportunity to give love and receive love as well.

Recently, I observed that most people busy shopping have a list of people that they need to buy gifts. Some people even made it to a science on how to shop, wrap and deliver gifts to the long list of family, inaanak, workmates and friends.

But what struck me with this routine was that rarely do we see people have a clear list of what they want for themselves. A blog of young lady that I regularly read because of her levelheadedness, quirky and well written thoughts gave me some perspective. She is one of those people that seem to have it all but in a well adjusted kind of way. I've seen her list for this year which is more of need than wants. But what was inspiring is for her to share these with a note of "not-expecting-anyone-to-buy-me-these-note". But there she published it. She just put it there for the Universe to bring to her.

A balanced perspective I thought.

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