Sunday, September 14, 2008

Requiem for Rex

Banahaw circa 1994. This photo taken at the summit of Mt. Banahaw was my first ever climb to a mountain. This climb literally and figuratively made an indelible mark in my life that made me take the path where I am today.

Rex C. Perez was one great great best friend that I ever had in my life. He is the one holding the flag in the photo. I could write a whole novel of the many adventures that we had. He was the one who taught me how to dance the swing! He helped transform this barrio lass from Laguna. Introduced to me to various genres of music. We hiked the summit of Mt. Halcon of Mindoro and Mt. Kanlaon of Negros. We rode the banana boat in Boracay, explored the Mag-aso falls in Bohol. We worked together at MFI for the urban poor and explored the communities of Payatas. We would jog and train and then binge at Tia Maria's with margarita and fajitas. We would eat Lapid's and say eat and die a happy man. He loved eating ice cream with beer. We explored the dunes of Ilocos Norte and can make a documentary from all the pictures of the old churches that we visited. He met all the loves of my life. Amats and I spent a week visiting him when he retired back to Iloilo. We explored Guimaras and Miag-ao. The last time I saw him was Oct 2007 a bit on the heavy side and last time I talked to him was June 2008 just after typhoon Frank flooded Iloilo. Over the phone I knew that he was at the hospital but his voice never hinted that it was his last weeks. I love his laugh. He passed away while I was in the US. Sad that I didn't get to see him. But I will always remember that laugh. We love you Rex.

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Jeryc Garcia said...

Sino talaga ang makakalimot kay Rex Perez at sa maikli niyang climbing shorts?