Sunday, September 14, 2008

on a tailwind

I found an old book of mine. Actually it was Amats who found it and asked "sa yo ba ito?" . One look and I remember this little treasure of a book that I own that I haven't opened in years. Its The Woman's Book of Soul" by Sue Patton Thoele. I guess I need to read it as it found its way to me again.

Last night and this morning I was indeed searching for some empowerment and encouraging words. I feel a bit wasted the past days. I wanted to recharge myself and I realized that I find comfort and happiness reading my old entries in this blog as well as reading my books of affirmations one of which is this book that I will share a verse with you. This morning I read a most timely message that I knew was meant for me to read today. I want to share this with you.

I quote:
Flying on a Tailwind

Abundance could be described as the knack of living in an attitude of gratitude. If we constantly run on fast forward, frantically trying to keep up with what should and must be done, without taking a break to restore ourselves and count our blessings, we'll soon run out of gas. Stopping for a rest, pausing to see the real wonder in our world, and making room for interludes of thankfulness helps give us the energy to keep going.

Gratitude is the tailwind that enables us to travel farther and faster.

Give yourself the priceless gift of extricating yourself from the whirlwind for a few minutes and write down all the things, just within sight, for which you feel grateful. expand your list to include people and circumstances out of sight. As a bonus, add to your list some intangibles--attitudes, experiences, philosophies, etc. Looking at your list, allow your heart to open in a flow of gratitude and appreciation.

Flying with a tailwind of gratitude helps us savor the effortless times and move more quickly through the turbulent times.

I am grateful for my life
I appreciate life both the chaff and the grain

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