Friday, September 26, 2008

Kayaking at the Arboretum

This map is definitely not drawn to scale! But it will give you an idea where we paddled along. We went to the East going into Lake Washington and decided to explore the arboretum which is actually a park. But here, you it was not indicated the many boats that we encountered along the way. Before reaching that small passage we had to literally cross the lake and go to the other side because it is like driving we need to stay on the right. My muscles were stiff and my heart pounding. Even with the cool air I can feel the sweat beads on my forehead.

We encountered several boat while passing that small canal were we had difficulty balancing the kayak because of the wake. it was more like wake boarding while kayaking hehehe. Anyway, before reaching the arboretum, we paddled under the freeway! Could you imagine that all these happening while the afternoon traffic is speeding on the freeway. Eventually we had some rest when we arrived near the park. There were families with children spending time at bank of the lake. I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures because of course my hands holding the paddle and feet are busy stirring the rudder. We had to completely stop and reach for the dry bag and carefully take out the camera to take these shots! It was challenging to say the least.

But all is well and we got to enjoy and relax when we reach the arboretum.

On the way back we passed by UW (locally pronounced you-dub) buti na lang I watch Kyle xy kaya alam ko kung pano ito i-pronounce ng mga local. We passed by their zoological boat. It was late afternoon and almost 2 1/2 hours passed, the sun was glaring. I realized that I need to get a pair of good shades. The guys were waiting for us "the slowboat este kayak" in every major bend.

With aching arms we parked and returned the kayak and ready for a big dinner!


Sidney said...

hehe..good you didn't fell into the water ! ;-)

Daisy said...

Hi Sidney!!!

Thank you for dropping by my blog! so happy to see your comment! I have been a bit spaced out in terms of writing in my blog lately. Thanks for still visiting :)

Yes it is a good thing indeed that I didn't into the water. That would have been a disaster.

God bless!