Friday, September 26, 2008

hindi biro na Kayak

Here we go! All geared up with life vest and our skirts, we headed to the dock. We got two double kayaks. What I was afraid of when paddling in a busy lake are the big boats that will pass you by and leave behind a huge wake, making it difficult to maintain your balance in the kayak. Not to mention the probability of turning over.

We were given an orientation on how to operate the Kayak and some safety guidelines. Out in the lake the bigger boats have the right of way. Suffice it to say that we are at the bottom of the totem pole. So if ever a boat comes passing by we need to think and paddle fast to be out of the way! At this point my heart was pounding just looking at how huge and busy the lake is. This is going to be one challenging afternoon.

This kayak has rudders which make it more complicated than the sit-on-top kayak that most resorts have here in the Philippines. Here is the link where you will know more about operating this kind of kayaks.

We are instructed how to properly board the kayak. You have to hold down the paddle on your back half of it on the dock and half of it on the kayak to maintain balance while you try to shoot yourself inside while holding onto the paddle. Wheeew! And that is just getting inside the kayak mind you. See the rim around our seats? That is where we will attach our kayak skirts.

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