Tuesday, February 12, 2008

learning gratitude everyday

Every new experience brings learning. I recently learned that is really hard to convince a one year old to brush her teeth. I never thought before that it would be difficult to brush the teeth of your toddler. And Yes! it is very difficult. We have tried many different ways to get her to brush teeth. Like showing her how it is done. Then letting her brush our teeth. Then sometimes make her hold a toy to distract her attention so that we can sneak in the toothbrush into her small mouth.She knows it and keeps it shut haay. We bought special baby toothpaste for her haaaay. Still it is a struggle. We dont want to make it a sad exercise everytime we need to brush her teeth. We sometimes let her play with her baby toothbrush which is like a small bell when wiggled up and down. I never ever expected that small things can be both difficult and challenging and yet very rewarding because I am learning to be a Nanay. Now I know how difficult it was for my caregivers when I was young.

I thank God for all these experience. Every moment is a learning experience.

Now we are trying to potty train her. Really some of the most simple things we do each day is a huge learning for a small toddler. Imagine all the people who took care of you when you were young.

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